Echoes Across Time – Prequel

I’m working on a new novel or maybe it’s a novelette? It’s a short novel set in Ronan’s early days at the Citadel. The book chronicles the path that led him into the arena. The good news is that I’m giving this one away as a freebie to my email subscribers. The book will be titled The Citadel. Look for it in your mailbox soon and if you want to receive a free copy once it’s out, sign up for the mailing list now.

On Deck

Here’s what’s on my to do list:
1) I’m working on a new novel this one in the Sci-Fi genre. Specifically the time travel sub genre. Details to come.
2) I’m working on some new content for the Echoes Across Time series. This will be a short story available to anyone who signs up for the email list. It won’t be for sale on Amazon If anyone has some ideas they might like to see in that universe speak up. Right now I’m considering a short story involving Patron Tyrell or possibly a short story set in the future but in the same world.
3) I’d like to do the same as #2 for the Tales from the Torchlight Woods series. Right now I’m leaning heavily toward an Iz backstory short story. But, I’d be interested to hear any other ideas.
4) Lastly, I’m putting together an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) program for my next release. This would give readers a free copy of my next book two weeks in advance for the promise of an honest review. If you would like to be considered for this program, sign up for my email list and I’ll send out the details. You can get to my email list signup page here .

Prim’s Law On Sale Now!

I have a new book out! Prim’s Law is now for sale on Amazon.

Ethan Pike hates wizards. By his sworn oath and the letter of the law, he hunts and prosecutes them with lethal efficiency. But, when a hot tip leads to a secret ritual, the unthinkable happens. Ethan discovers his sister using magic.

Caught between his family and his country, Ethan fights to clear his sister’s name. After discovering his squad dead, he finds himself facing accusations of murder and treason. With his sister now missing and his life in shambles, Ethan runs.

In ten short days, the moon will rise red and destroy everything Ethan holds dear. With nowhere to turn, he must swallow his pride and seek help from his old enemies. Before he can save his sister, Ethan must first face his own demons. Hard truths open old wounds and cast fresh doubt on everything he believes. A life-altering choice could save his sister but cost him his soul.


Update on Echoes Across Time Book Four

Book four, Ronan’s Stand, will be available for purchase the first week of January 2016. It’s the last book in the four part series.

The book will be available for .99 cents for list subscribers the first 24 hours it’s on sale. Adding your name to the mailing list takes about a minute. You can find the sign up form on the upper right hand side of this page. I won’t share your email address with anyone and I won’t bombard you with spam.

Take a sneak peek at chapter one here.

Ronan's Stand

Maylin’s Gate released!

Maylin’s Gate is on sale for .99 cents through June 10th. Grab a copy at Amazon. After the 10th it will go to its regular price of $4.99.


With the dragons tamed, King Ronan Latimer seeks to force Tara and the baerinese army from Meranthia’s shores. But on a scouting mission, Ronan finds women and children among the invaders. The king must make a decision. Commit genocide against innocent baerinese or save humanity.

Ronan constructs a shield powered by human souls. A shield meant to contain the invaders. When his magic fails, thousands die including a trusted ally.

Devastated, Ronan seeks guidance from the dragons. On his arrival at Dragon’s Peak, Ronan discovers a new threat to humanity. A threat that leaves both races vulnerable to annihilation. A threat that requires humans and baerinese to join forces.

Ronan races to restore his magic and unite two warring races before earth is overwhelmed by an ancient enemy.


Maylin’s Gate – Draft Complete!

I finished the first draft of Maylin’s Gate!! It clocked in at a shade under 137,000 words which makes it the longest book in the series. I’m starting edits today. With good fortune, I’ll have them turned around fast.

Look for the first chapter posted here soon. I will start work on book 4 (the last book in the series) as soon as Maylin’s Gate is out the door.

In other news, King of Souls should be available on audio sometime in May.