Maylin’s Gate

Maylin’s Gate
Series: Echoes Across Time, Book 3
With the dragons tamed, King Ronan Latimer seeks to force Tara and the baerinese army from Meranthia’s shores. But on a scouting mission, Ronan finds women and children among the invaders. The king must make a decision. Commit genocide against innocent baerinese or save humanity.

Ronan constructs a shield powered by human souls. A shield meant to contain the invaders. When his magic fails, thousands die including a trusted ally.

Devastated, Ronan seeks guidance from the dragons. On his arrival at Dragon’s Peak, Ronan discovers a new threat to humanity. A threat that leaves both races vulnerable to annihilation. A threat that requires humans and baerinese to join forces.

Ronan races to restore his magic and unite two warring races before earth is overwhelmed by an ancient enemy.

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