Prim’s Law On Sale Now!

I have a new book out! Prim’s Law is now for sale on Amazon.

Ethan Pike hates wizards. By his sworn oath and the letter of the law, he hunts and prosecutes them with lethal efficiency. But, when a hot tip leads to a secret ritual, the unthinkable happens. Ethan discovers his sister using magic.

Caught between his family and his country, Ethan fights to clear his sister’s name. After discovering his squad dead, he finds himself facing accusations of murder and treason. With his sister now missing and his life in shambles, Ethan runs.

In ten short days, the moon will rise red and destroy everything Ethan holds dear. With nowhere to turn, he must swallow his pride and seek help from his old enemies. Before he can save his sister, Ethan must first face his own demons. Hard truths open old wounds and cast fresh doubt on everything he believes. A life-altering choice could save his sister but cost him his soul.


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