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  1. Jeff Kramer

    I just finished Echoes Across Time. I am confused about the second book in the series. All I can find is Kindle editions and I want a hard copy. I think King of Souls is the next book, correct?

    1. mballard Post Author

      Thanks for reaching out Jeff. I haven’t released a print version of King of Souls yet. However, I am releasing book 3 in the series in the next couple of weeks. At that point, I’m going to circle back around and get the print version for King of Souls as well as the print version for Maylin’s Gate released. Look for those in the June time frame.

      Sorry for the delay and I’m glad you enjoyed Shard Knight.

      1. brian keyes

        Hi there,
        Loved the 1st book & have been looking to order the 2nd & 3rd in print. I see you were going to release them around summer of ’15. Is that the case? Sadly, I can’t find them to order. Can you update us on the release ?


        1. mballard Post Author

          My plan is to format the rest of the series for print in January. I’m sorry it’s taken so long but I will get to it, I promise!

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